Rob Robertson for Probate Judge

Rob has a propensity for problem solving. In his current role of service as EMA director, he has demonstrated his ability to identify problems, develop teams, and implement creative and cost effective solutions. It's the kind of thinking we need as we face the challenges ahead. Entrepreneurial thinking has a place in government as we need to figure how to do more than less and still solve big problems.

It has been busy around EMA with many new initiatives being implemented since January 2015 when Rob was appointed. A few major projects are listed below to give an idea of his concept of innovation in government. Rob has worked with EMA staff, first responders, elected officials, and community partners to bring forth change.

  • Moved EMA to a county facility to reduce operating costs while awaiting the completion of the new 911/EMA facility.
  • Developed the TuscALERT mass notification system, built on a top-tier software-as-a-service platform. This was the first cross-jurisdictional software licensing model and resulted in significant savings for our jurisdictions over having separate products and made things simpler for citizens. This approach provided citizens "one stop shopping" to opt-in and allows them to choose how and when they want to be notified of occurrence. It also offers fully customizable weather alerts that are based on address. Contact can be made by text message, email or voice phone calls.
  • Began the restaffing of EMA after transitioning to county managerial control. Developed a framework for the future as the agency redefines to better server the growing Tuscaloosa community.
  • Assisted in the planning and design of the new 911/EMA facility located off of Rose Blvd in Northport. EMA will operate a new state-of-art emergency operations center and a new Logistics Facility. The facility will also house co-located emergency dispatch operations.
  • As Homeland Security Single Point of Contact for Tuscaloosa County, Rob obtained and managed grants for our first responders focused on public safety. He modernized and revised the grant and financial management procedures, creating a digital cost tracking and reporting system that substantially reduces the time it takes to manage grants and support EMA’s cross-jurisdictional cost tracking and billing.
  • Created the first comprehensive website for Tuscaloosa Co EMA with an online list of public storm shelters.
  • Developed a plan that obtained school board approval to allow public use of County school safe rooms outside of school hours during the most most severe weather events.
  • Created operating agreements for future community storm shelters.
  • Developed the TAGgis group -Tuscaloosa Area Government Geographic information Systems - to adopt new procedures, improve services, and reduce cost in implement geospatial technologies in Tuscaloosa County. The group has partnered with GeoHuntsville to bring innovation to public safety.
  • Began TALOA – Tuscaloosa Area Local Organization Alliance – a new approach to better communication and operational enhancement daily and during disasters. This is geared toward groups that host mass gatherings, are involved with public safety, or have a response role during disasters. 
  • Revised and relaunched CERT+ training - Community Emergency Response Teams - focused on volunteer training. Includes a National Weather Service storm spotter class, an overview of volunteer opportunities, and the FEMA CERT training course. As federal funding was no longer available instructional partnerships with the Alabama Fire College, community first responders, and sponsors were developed.
  • Created a new training curriculum for the National Water Center Summer Institute  program with multiple local, state, federal, and academic partners.
  • Judged in the 2017 National Geospatial-Intellegence Agency Hackathon in Huntsville, evaluating many promising new technologies for public safety use.
  • Served on Alabama Association of Emergency Managers (AAEM) Committees -  Accreditations Standards Development, Mass Notification, & Legislative Affairs. Awarded 2015 Rookie of the Year by the AAEM. 
  • Keynote speaker at the 2017 National Geospatial Preparedness Summit, hosted in Tuscaloosa. Rob conceptualized and guided the development withe Tuscaloosa County Public Works GIS of a national award winning mapping product at the conference.
  • Developed support for Alabama Smarter Community Initiative – working to develop closer collaborations between local government, University of Alabama academic resources, and community groups.

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