Rob Robertson for Probate Judge

Why Rob?

"With change comes opportunity. I can bring new vision to our county government." Rob Robertson

The tourism marketing slogan for the Tuscaloosa area is "The One & Only" which is so true. Tuscaloosa County is rich in community resources and is unique in many ways. From the halls of higher education to the fields of agriculture, Tuscaloosa is a great place to live, and the secret is getting out. We have a number of challenges now and more are expected as we mange the growth of the future.

We are now facing a generational change in leadership, not only the office of Probate Judge, but in many other roles in our local government and industry. We need balanced change; meaning we keep what is working, and improve where needed.

Tuscaloosa County government has been well run for many years. We need to build on the past leadership and modernize as needed to more efficiently serve our citizens.

Principled Leadership

Rob believes that government will never be the answer to all of our societal ills; strong communities result from strong families, churches, community groups, and businesses. Government has certain tasks it is designed to do and should focus on doing those tasks well.

Each day brings new challenges and difficult decisions to a Probate Judge. Rob is guided by the principles of his Christian faith which is where he finds a clear mandate for service to others.  One can never know all the answers but through prayer, wise counsel, and diligent study, leaders can make better decisions. A Judge's role should be to apply the law with wisdom, accuracy, and fairness in each and every case heard.

Experience That Fits

There is no role in government quite like that of Probate Judge in Alabama. In Tuscaloosa county, this position also Chairs the County Commission. So what does this mean? It means we need a leader that the possesses a wide range of skills and a lot of administrative ability. 

The duties and responsibilities of the Probate Judge are lengthy. They require a person with sound judgment, organizational competence, and a servant's heart to do it well.

The Probate Court now employs a knowledgeable staff to serve our citizens with what could be a routine matter or a life crisis. Rob would bring a wealth of experience and education to the office to work with the staff and he pledges to treat people with fairness and respect as they are rendered the services of the Court.

Chairing the County Commission requires a sound working relationship with Commissioners, county staff, citizens, and other jurisdictions. It means fighting for our county, however needed, to move us forward. This also requires knowledge of the county communities and their leadership. As director of EMA, Rob has worked with many of these communities to build a strong relationship that is open and responsive to their various needs.

See his bio in brief here.

Rob is the Leadership We Need for Our Future!


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